Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Shi Ting Wang

Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Shi Ting Wang, has stated that the rigorous measures taken in Guangdong Province in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) are to protect the safety of all inhabitants.

These measures, he said, are not targeted at Africans or any foreigner but a measure to curtail and halt the spread of the virus.

He admitted that some unpleasant incidents may have happened during the process but stressed the health steps being implemented by the Guangdong authorities have been done in a non-differential way.

Ambassador Wang stated these in an interview with the media when he presented supplies to the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu at his residence in New Fadama.

He assured that the situation in Guangdong has been currently been settled after a meeting with all African Consulates in China. 

He, however, urged for an understanding of the Chinese policy and the need to follow the rules in Guangdong to protect and ensure the safety of all foreign nationals.

Ambassador Wang argued that China provides the largest number of scholarships to Africa in the world and quizzed, “We offer you scholarships and invite you to China and then discriminate against you? There is no logic for such discrimination,” he stated.

“We are in a period which is special and unprecedented and people are dying. Under such unprecedented situation, any slight carelessness could make people end up in hospitals or even worse.”

“Let’s understand and support each other to get over the tough time together,” he appealed.He assured that some of the measures that were introduced in Guangdong on those who were neither confirmed cases nor suspected cases have been lifted gradually, pursuant to relevant containment protocols.

Ambassador Shi Ting Wang addressing journalists presentation of food items to National Chief Imam

A mechanism, he said, has therefore been established with all African consulates in Guangdong for effective communication and stressed the process has been transparent and without discrimination.

Ambassador Wang stated that as the first country to be hit by the COVID-19, China adopted more rigorous measures than any other country, which were heavily criticized across the world.

According to him, this action has resulted in the success of containing the virus but stressed the Republic cannot afford to drop its guard hence the need for compliance to all measures by both foreigners and nationals. 

He noted that just as in Ghana some people are opposed to ban on flights and the lockdown, similar confrontations happen in China between people and law enforcement officers.

Ambassador Wang indicated that Guangdong Province is virtually the hometown of Africans in China because the province is very friendly to them.

He stressed that when the province adopted rigorous measures, some people complained while others tried to run away.

Some, he said, even had confrontations with law officers but stressed these are occasional incidents. 

Most people, he said, are willing to cooperate just as the majority support the lockdown here in Ghana.