Egypt's Great Pyramids attract tourists across the globe

Egypt has reopened major tourist attractions including the Great Pyramids of Giza after a three-month closure.

The pyramids were the country’s first tourist attraction to reopen, along with the Egyptian Museum next to Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The country closed its airports to scheduled international flights and shut famous historical sites in mid-March due to coronavirus pandemic.

It has now restarted international flights.

Egypt’s tourism industry, which accounts for a fifth of GDP and employs some three million people, has suffered a big blow from the coronavirus closures.

On the first day after reopening, only a few visitors were spotted at the normally packed site of Giza.

“It’s a pretty place, this is where we see the symbol of Egypt and this is why we come here,” tourist Ravalonandrasana Maurice told Reuters.

Authorities are now hoping holidaymakers will fly to the sites after the travel restrictions were lifted.

Egypt has recorded more than 68,000 cases and nearly 3,000 deaths from coronavirus.