President Nana Akufo-Addo speaking to an EC official during the tour of registration centres in Accra

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo yesterday paid unannounced visits to five voter registration centres in the Greater Accra Region.

The tour took him to the Kanda Cluster of Schools Registration Centre in Ayawaso East; Abossey Okai Presby Registration Centre in Ablekuma Central; Ebenezer Funeral Parlour (1&2) Registration Centres in Weija-Gbawe; Teshie Aboma Presby Church Registration Centre in Ledzokuku; and the Super Service Registration Centre in Klottey Korle.

Accompanied by the Director of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Commey; and the Director of Communications, Mr Eugene Arhin, President Akufo-Addo interacted with the registration officials at each of the five centres, who walked him through the processes of registering an eligible voter.

The President was told that, upon entering a registration centre, all persons are required to wear a nose mask, after which their temperatures are taken by nurses stationed at each centre.

President Akufo-Addo at the Kanda Cluster of Schools Registration Centre

The Ghana Health Service has released some 7,000 community health nurses to the various registration centres take temperatures of registrants with thermometer guns. 

Eligible persons are then required to wash their hands with soap under running water, before being allowed to join the queue.

At each of the centres, there was a strict adherence to social distancing, with eligible voters maintaining a one metre distance, after which the voters go through the process to be registered.

President Akufo-Addo was informed that the majority of persons who had turned up to be registered were in possession of the Ghana Card and passports.

EC officials explaining to President Akufo-Addo on the processes of the voter registration at the Super Service Centre at Klottey Korle

A small number of persons without any of these valid ID cards submitted one completed Identification Guarantee Form, endorsed by two registered voters, to be registered and issued with a voter ID card.

After the completion of the registration process and leaving the centres, the registration officials told President Akufo-Addo that hand sanitizers had been provided for the mandatory sanitizing of hands by the eligible voters.

Visibly encouraged by the processes, the President urged the registration officials to continue to adhere to the safety protocols outlined to ensure the safety of all persons who visit the registration centres.

Interacting with some of the persons waiting in queue to be registered, President Akufo-Addo urged them to continue to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols, whilst going through the process to be registered.

President Akufo-Addo arriving at Abossey Okai Registration Centre

It will be recalled that during his recent broadcast to the nation, ahead of the commencement of the registration exercise, President Akufo-Addo noted that if an eligible citizen’s name is not on the register, that citizen cannot exercise the right to vote, and cannot, therefore, participate in the determination of the choice of the government of the day.

“It is, thus, vitally important that all eligible voters register, so, on the designated day of 7th December, they can vote to choose the President of the nation, and the Member of Parliament of their area. In effect, our vote, our thumb, is the expression of our individual sovereign power as a citizen, which we should cherish and guard at all times,” he said.