Mr Yofi Grant, CEO of GIPC

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), Yofi Grant, has pointed out that Ghana is never going to collapse despite the difficulties the country is going through.

According to him, several investors are still eying Ghana for investments.

Speaking in an interview with Joy Business, he said though times are rough, Ghana will bounce back stronger and build better.

“Despite all these problems, we still manage to find the good things to project outside there, and for that reason, we’re still really loud on the minds of many investors.

“I mean times are rough but we are still good to go for the future. Ghana is never going to collapse, Ghana is going to come back stronger and build better. And I’m very confident of that because of where I sit”, he stated

Many investors eyeing Ghana

Mr. Grant also hinted of a significant number of foreign investors are considering setting their operations in Ghana, despite the challenges facing the economy.

The investors, he said, are in the financial technology space, real estate and manufacturing.

“I’m seeing businesses that are willing to do real estate and data centers because they think Ghana is the best country despite everything; to scale up on ICT especially Fintech. And beyond that, we are seeing people [foreign investors] who are coming in to do agriculture and manufacturing because they believe that with our policies we have our Ghana which will be a good place to scale up production and value addition.

“So the interests are there, even in the 1D1F we are seeing foreign interest coming significantly. And so there are opportunities, he added.