Some victims of the Makola Shopping Mall fire outbreak have taken over the Mall’s car park as the new place for doing business.  

The traders, at the time the media visited the fire scene Monday morning, were busy moving their salvaged wares to the park.  

The fire, which started Friday night, saw about 200 shops and makeshift structures on the first and second floors of the Mall’s block, opposite the Ghana Law School completely razed. 

It took personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) about four hours to bring the fire, which was said to have started a few minutes after 2300 hours, under control. 

Ms Awurabena, a victim of the fire outbreak, told the GNA that she intended to sell her salvaged wares to raise some money to re-establish herself.  

Another victim was heard saying the weekend event was the second time she lost her wares to fire.  

While victims of the inferno grieved over their loss, others went about their daily activities as though nothing had happened.    

The GNFS saved some 2,000 shops and makeshift structures as well as the Electricity Company of Ghana substation from the fire.