Agyemang Duah Kweku Jr., a dedicated Humanism Activist and seasoned Freelancer, sparked a thought-provoking dialogue at the Enterprise Bureau’s 2023 roundtable on ‘The Future of Work and The Megatrends of Job Creation.’

Dispelling concerns surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on job security, Duah challenged the prevalent notion that AI will directly displace jobs.

According to Duah, ‘AI won’t take your job, but individuals equipped with AI skills might outperform others.’ He stressed the importance of amalgamating skills with AI capabilities for success in the evolving job market.

Addressing the concept of remote work, Duah underscored its essence in granting individuals flexibility in managing their work schedules. He emphasized, ‘Remote work empowers people to choose what, when, and how they work.’

While projecting a gradual adoption of remote work in Ghana, Duah highlighted its enduring presence in the workforce. ‘Fully embracing remote work may take time in Ghana, but it’s an integral part of our future,’ he noted, indicating a significant shift in work dynamics.

Throughout discussions encompassing AI, job trends, and remote work, Duah emphasized the imperative for skill development in the AI era and advocated for embracing remote work as a sustainable model.

Agyemang Duah Kweku Jr.’s contributions added depth to the ongoing debate, highlighting the interconnectedness of human skills, AI integration, and the inevitability of remote work in the evolving job landscape.