Mohammed Amin Adam, the newly appointed Finance Minister, has urged the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to work hard to achieve its financial targets for the fiscal year 2024.

He stressed that the GRA should adhere to a sophisticated roadmap that balances a user-friendly approach with the uncompromised execution of its mandate.

During a visit to the GRA headquarters in Accra on Monday, Dr. Adam reiterated his dedication to enhancing domestic revenue.

He also underscored the importance of teamwork in ensuring that the country remains aligned with its IMF programme.

This collaborative approach, Dr. Adam believes, is crucial for the nation’s financial stability.

“I expect that we work together through a structured framework to exceed your performance last year, the GH¢170 billion target which we have put in the 2024 budget. I believe you can do more than that. I believe you can exceed the GH¢170 billion target for 2024. Because you have done it, and you have demonstrated capability that you can do this.”

“But quite sincerely, we all need to urgently agree on a roadmap. It appears some of the things we do are ad-hoc and not coordinated, and so when you have multiple complex issues such as taxes being implemented without coordination or a roadmap, then it becomes a problem,” he stated.