Fatimatu Abubakar, Information Minister-designate

The Information Minister-Designate, Fatimatu Abubakar has raised concerns over the delay in approving new ministers.

According to her, the delay is impeding government operations and affecting her ability, along with her colleagues in other ministries, to effectively carry out their duties.

In an interview with Bernard Avle on The Point of View on Citi TV, Fatimatu Abubakar highlighted the challenges she faces in fulfilling her responsibilities as a minister.

She emphasised the backlog of tasks that remain unaddressed due to her limited capacity to function in her ministerial role.

“We have been waiting and I think it’s a long wait and it affects the government’s business, because until about two weeks ago when we got letters to go as representatives, So many ministries like my place, where both the substantive nominations and deputy are new, it means you can’t do anything; the ministry is orphaned and there are certain decisions that go beyond what administrators can do.

“They will need political direction or from the executives. A lot has been waiting on the table for long,” the information minister-designate stated.

When asked if the delay in her approval is causing frustration, she responded, “It has”.

New ministers who have been nominated and have undergone vetting processes are still awaiting approval by Parliament.

At present, there is a deadlock between the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin and the Presidency over the latter’s request to Parliament to stop the transmission of the anti-gay bill.

This decision led the speaker to withhold the approval of the new ministers.

The Speaker of Parliament has, however, announced that Parliament will reconvene on Friday, May 17.