A doctor at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital who serves as the Head of Department, Obstetrics & Gynecology at the hospital has hinted that ‘good sex may reduce symptoms of fibroid in women and in turn reduces chances of prostate cancer among men’. 

Dr. Isaac Osei Koranteng made this assertion at the annual health talk organised by Mrs. Racheal Matey. 

Mrs. Martey’s health talk, this year, discussed issues surrounding ‘Safe Modes of Childbirth Among Women’ with emphasis on Vaginal & Cesarean Delivery, and Fibroids. 

The issue of safe delivery among women has become a worrying topic recently in Ghana, and fibroid has been a disturbing factor in the conversation surrounding childbirth in Ghana for most women.  

Currently, Ghana has surpassed the benchmark for caesarean section (C-section) in the world set by the World Health Organisation at 15%. Per the 2022 Demographic and Health Survey (GDHS) conducted by the Ghana Health Service, Ghana has a 21% prevalence. 

Mrs. Rachael Hesse Matey demonstrating at the Health Talk, assisted by Caleb Kudah.

However, Dr. Isaac is on the fence regarding C-section. For him this mode of childbirth is acceptable mainly for medical reasons and not just for the fun of it. He mentioned that ‘If Doctors see the need to perform a C-Section, it should be for the safety and survival of the child and mother’.

Yet, some Ghanaian women opt for a caesarean section over vaginal delivery, “Also a trend is coming up where our women want to deliver through caesarean section rather than going into labour. It is a very dangerous trend. 

Dangerous in the sense that , by the grace of God caesarean section is very safe nowadays …. But every surgery has a risk, the natural way is by vaginal delivery. But haven said that , we also note that not everybody can deliver through the vagina” Dr. Koranteng stated. 

He added that this is because ‘the pelvic is a space and whatever coming out of that space must be something the pelvic can contain. If it is bigger than the pelvic, doctors may advise for a C-section. Otherwise the child can get stuck in there and that could kill both the mother and child’.

Dr. Koranteng insists that ‘caesarean sections are not the most pleasant activities when it comes to delivery and he gave another condition where caesarean section may be necessitated’. 

“In the case where the mother’s blood pressure has risen beyond normal; vaginal delivery may not be the safest as the mother may convulse and her kidney may fail in the process. There is a rule for vaginal delivery and C-section. Therefore, when a doctor suggests C-section it is for the good of the mother and child” Dr. Osei mentioned. 

Some reasons were shared why women opt for C-section rather than vaginal delivery, and the reason being that ‘most women elect for caesarean section without labour is the fear of the pain basically. Most women think they can’t stand the labour pain. 

Secondly, some of the women think when the baby is big and passes through the introitus, the introitus becomes large and can not tighten again’. 


Mrs. Hesse Matey’s desire to take up the mantle to educate people on the issues surrounding fibroids due to the rising cases of the problem, “I took it upon myself last year to organise this health talk since I realised the trend of young girls reporting to hospitals with fibroids” she said. The Ghana Health Service recognised Mrs. Rachael Hesse Matey last year as the Best Practising Midwife for Greater Accra.

Some health experts have attributed the rising cases of fibroids amongst young girls to certain lifestyles and the exposure to contamination from heavy metals and chemicals. 

It is worth noting that what exactly causes fibroids are unknown, that notwithstanding: leaving one’s uterus inactive for too long; having early menstruation at a tender age; hormonal imbalance; unchecked weight, consuming too much red meat, excessive intake of alcohol (like beers), high levels of stress exposes women to the risks of fibroids. 

Dr. Osei commented that ‘good sex’ is known to be a good stress reliever which may reduce the risks of fibroids.  

Mrs. Matey had a one-on-one session with the women who had concerns after the talk.

Yet there are other strange habits which may not increase exposure to fibroids but other health risks; smoking. 

Even though fibroids can not be cured, the good news is that 80% of fibroids are not symptomatic; which means they do not cause problems at all and only 20% of fibroids cause problems. 

Therefore, 80 percent of women with fibroids can make babies unless determined by a doctor or specialist who may say otherwise.

Women are advised not to bother removing fibroids or be worried about it if the fibroid is not symptomatic. 

Ghanaian women are advised against using unapproved herbal medicines and desist from self medication. It can be managed surgically. In addition, better lifestyle choices are advised in terms of eating green leafy vegetables, managing weight, reducing exposure to contamination from heavy metals and radiation can help reduce the risks of fibroids.