Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia, NPP flagbearer for 2024 elections

The flagbearer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has assured Ghanaian electorates that he is prepared and ready to serve with humility and integrity.

He has therefore expressed his commitment to engage with the electorate, address their concerns and present a compelling vision for the future of the country.

Speaking in an interview with the Africa watch magazine, Vice-President Bawumia expressed confidence in the democratic process of the country and said “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our nation.”

He was hopeful that with hard work and dedication, “it is possible for the NPP to achieve success and break the eight.”

“I want to assure the Ghanaian electorate that I have prepared myself well for the job. As I have reiterated, I have never been President of Ghana before. I am ready to serve and to serve well and as the main driver. I am ready to lead,” he stressed.


Currently, Dr Bawumia said the manifesto committees of the party were busily at work putting together a compelling document to kick off his campaign which he indicated would entail active engagement with voters through rallies, town hall meetings and door-to-door, to communicate its achievements and vision for the future.

He added that the NPP was also strengthening its organisational structure by recruiting volunteers and training party agents to ensure effective voter turnout and monitoring on election day.

“The party is also fine-tuning its messaging and leveraging digital tools and social-media platforms to reach a wider audience and mobilise support,” he stated saying “We are preparing for the general election by focusing on grass-roots mobilisation, policy articulation as well as campaign strategy refinement.”

While acknowledging that the response to his message had been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, the NPP flagbearer said “We have been heartened by the warm reception and support from people from all walks of life who are eager to help us win the election.”

“From bustling cities to remote villages, we have encountered a sense of optimism and hope for the future, as people recognise our commitment to addressing their needs and aspirations. They appreciate our track record of delivering tangible results and our vision for a continuously improving Ghana,” he said.

Public engagement

Explaining further, the NPP flagbearer said the party had engaged with citizens from diverse backgrounds, listened to their concerns and shared its plans for inclusive growth, job creation and social development in diverse ways.

He said even as the actual campaign was yet to hit the ground running, the energy and momentum behind the preliminary engagements were inspiring.

He, therefore, expressed confidence that together “we can build a brighter future for all Ghanaians.”

Dr Bawumia said even though Ghanaian political culture could be intensely partisan with robust debates and disagreements between parties, it was also essential to recognise that despite the political differences, “we all share a common goal of progress and prosperity of Ghana and its people.”

He said while there may be areas of disagreement between the political parties on economic policies, governance approaches or social issues, it was important to approach those differences with respect and a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue.

“Finding common ground is crucial for effective governance and national development. There are many areas where parties can collaborate and work together for the greater good such as infrastructure, good governance, fighting corruption, education and health.

“By focusing on areas of common ground and fostering a spirit of cooperation, parties can overcome political differences and work together to address the challenges facing Ghana,” the Vice-President emphasized and said “Ultimately our shared commitment to the well-being of the nation should transcend partisan divides.”

He said the focus of the NPP on education, including the provision of free education up to the secondary level and investments in vocational and technical training, has also resonated with voters.

Furthermore, he said, the commitment of the government to infrastructure development, including road construction and rural electrification projects had addressed longstanding deficits and improving the quality of life for many Ghanaians.

He called on all Ghanaians to strive towards a peaceful election and said “let us build a progressive society of possibilities, enterprise, compassion, open opportunities and shared prosperity for every Ghanaian, knowing that our collective efforts will pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.”