The newly built Mepe Health Center in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region is already making a positive impact in the community, with over 250 clients visiting the facility since it began operations in May.

The center, built by the Citi Foundation in collaboration with the Ghana Chamber of Mines, was designed to support flood victims in the area.

According to Physician Assistant Ebenezer Azienyeku, who is in charge of the facility, over 250 clients have visited the health center since it began operations on May 7.

Despite not having made a formal announcement about its services, the facility has attracted a significant number of patients, many of whom have expressed their gratitude for the convenient location.

The health center’s success was further underscored by its first delivery, which took place on Saturday, May 18. The facility’s staff are working hard to put all necessary systems in place, and residents are already benefiting from its services.

“This facility, Mepe Health Center, started active service on the 7th of this month and since we started operating, we have had about 250 clients without an announcement because certain things are not in place, and the director is making his best efforts to put everything in order.”

“So now that certain things are in place, we are yet to make an announcement so that more people can start patronizing us. Even without the announcement, people are coming. We’ve received 250 clients, and most of them have mentioned that previously, they had to travel far to a government hospital. But now that this facility is in their hometown, they prefer it over other facilities because of the customer relationship.”

Assembly member for the Mepe Electoral Area, Amos Ahorsu Borlor, has urged his constituents to continue patronizing the health center, which he described as serving its intended purpose.

“Recently, the Citi Foundation and the Ghana Chamber of Mines came and constructed a health facility for us, a clinic, and it’s serving its intended purpose because recently I heard a baby was born in the facility. So my encouragement to my people is to continue patronizing the facility so that it can continue serving its intended purpose.”