Jean Mensa — EC Chairperson

The Electoral Commission will hold a special voting session on December 2, 2024, ahead of the general elections scheduled for December 7.

Special voting is a provision for a specific group of registered voters, including journalists and security agencies, allowing them to cast their votes before the general voting day.

To be eligible for special voting, individuals and organizations must submit applications between June 17 and July 1, 2024, providing evidence that they will be engaged on Election Day.

Jean Mensa, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, made this announcement during a press conference in Accra on Tuesday.

“All applicants for special voting should apply directly to the returning officer of the constituency where the applicant is a registered voter. Members of institutions who desire to apply as a group will submit a list of their members to the returning officers to serve as a register to facilitate the process.”

“The list must contain the names of each applicant, the voter ID card, the polling station code as it appears on the voter’s ID card of the applicants…Please note that all applicants must apply in person to the returning officer,” she stated.