The participants were taken through the 2021 population and Housing Census indicators, constituting the multidimensional poverty index reports to help appreciate the poverty level in their various localities.

The multidimensional poverty indicator is a non-monetary deprivation measure that comprises 13 indicators in four dimensions i.e., living conditions (electricity, housing, assets, overcrowding, cooking fuel, water, and toilet facility); education (attendance, attainment, and school lag), health (insurance coverage and mortality), and employment (work for wage or profit).

According to the report, Northern Region household population stands at 2,274,919 with an intensity of poverty measured at 44.3% which places the region on 6th position in the National scorecard. The intensity measure reveals the severity of poverty among the poor, showing how they fall bellow the poverty brackets across multiple dimensions.

The incidence of poverty, for Northern Region is also recorded at 38.5%, representing the percentage of people experiencing multidimensional poverty in the region.

Speaking in a media interview, Mr. Jeremiah Sixtus Dery, who presented the findings of the various districts, said this is the first time Ghana has produced the MPI at the District Assembly level which seeks to measure the level of deprivation that households and individuals find themselves that prevent them from living a dignified life.

“This is at the District Assembly level, so we’re encouraged District actors to really take this publication and look at their District peculiarities and try to faction out policy and programmes that will alleviate this poverty.”

Meanwhile the Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Shani Alhassan Shaibu, who’s speech was read on his behalf, said the reports will provide a road-map for their interventions, highlighting priority areas that require immediate and focused action.

“Northern Region with its rich cultural heritage and agricultural potential, has made significant strides in development. However, the MPI reports indicate that we must still address critical challenges to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth.”

He further entreated the regional planning Coordinating unit to ensure proper collaboration between the districts and foster a unified approach to tackling the multidimensional poverty in the region.

The event brought together Municipal and District Chief Executives, Heads of Departments, District Statisticians, media personnel, and other stakeholders from various assemblies within the Northern Region.