The National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) has organized a day’s workshop in the northern region to boost the capacity and skills of reporters on pension reporting.

The training held under the Theme: ‘Increasing Informal Sector Pension Coverage Through Education: The Role of the Ghanaian Media” aimed to equip Journalists with the requisite basic knowledge to educate the public effectively on issues of pensions and retirement benefits for pensioneers.

Additionally, the training highlighted on the 3-tier pension scheme and the participants taken through the policy in an effort for them to always report accurately.

The NPRA Northern Regional Assistant Manager for Standards and Compliance, Mr. Mohammed Isdeen Adam in a media interview said that the authority aims to increase the coverage on the informal sector work force to contribute their retirement benefits.

He disclosed the informal sector has a very huge portion of the country’s total workforce of 85% with most of them lack information to any form of pension.

In view of this, Mr Adam underscore the role of the media in disseminating accurate information effectively to the consumption of the general public which consequently informed the engagement of the practitioners to ensure proper education in the informal sector.

“As an authority we’re leading the process to ensure that the whole country especially those in the informal sector they come to know that we have a form of pension for them which they can contribute too, and when they go on retirement they’ll enjoy the benefits just like someone in the formal sector.”