Some Muslim women in the Ahafo Region have called on their male counterparts not to allow themselves to be used to instigate violence in the upcoming December polls this year.

They explained that elections are about peace, and they see no reason for the frequent violence that sometimes leads to the killing of fellow human beings.

According to them, they expect their male counterparts to resist being used by selfish politicians to incite any form of violence.

They made these remarks at Goaso as part of their Eid Ul Adha celebration.

Some of them who spoke to Adom News reporter, Sammy Asare emphasised that, in times of violence, women and children are the ones who suffer the most.

They concluded by urging all Muslim women to keep advising their male counterparts on the detrimental effects of election-related violence, to help safeguard the country before, during, and after the December polls.

“Don’t let anyone encourage you to assault someone for money. Let’s go into the election with peace to live in harmony after. If chaos breaks out, the men might be safe, but what will women and children do? So the young men especially, stay cautious,” one of them said.