Fulanis in the Galwei traditional zone in the Gushegu constituency in the northern region are leaving in fear as some unscrupulous individuals anonymously are allegedly issuing threats to attack their lives when they come out to vote in tomorrow’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

The CUSTODIAN has gathered this has heightened tension and fears among the people. It is alleged that Chief of the Fulanis, whose identity is readily not available endorse President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party Gushegu Parliamentary Candidate, Lawyer Alhassan Sulemana Tampuli and encouraged his subordinates to vote same candidates when they go to the polls.

Accordingly, the Chief and his people are allegedly being threatened by some anonymous individuals in the Galwei community not to come out and vote or risk being manhandled in the process.

As a result of the imminent chaos, The CUSTODIAN understands that the Regent of Galwei, Naa Mahmud Hassan Sigli has asked the Fulani community to stay off the elections.

But the Gushegu constituency executives of the New Patriotic Party believe this is a ploy to intimidate and scare the people away from voting the NPP.

They also alleged the Regent is in bed with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and therefore sabotaging efforts of the ruling party to retain the seat.

The NPP Constituency Organizer, Mahama Osman further called for more security deployment into the constituency to prevent this tendency of chaos during the elections.

Meanwhile, when The CUSTODIAN contacted the Regent, Naa Mahmud Hassan Sigli about the development said he as a Warrant Officer in the Ghana Army Force, he is very much concern about the security and sanctity of his community but however refuted the claim of being in bed with the NDC.

“I am disturbed that the NPP is accusing me of being in bed with the NDC. I heard about the threats that some people are saying they would not allow the Fulanis to vote during the election and that if they come out to vote they will kill them. But I told them that once they (Fulanis) have gotten the voters ID cards, the constitution of Ghana allows them to vote but my checks also tells me the allegation that the Fulani Chief endorse NPP is not true, they never endorsed the NPP in the first place” he explained.  

“So I summoned some of my elders and the NPP Chairman together with other people to inform them about what I have gathered and told them if there is any threat on the life of any Fulani then I don’t want any Fulani to come out tomorrow because I don’t want killings in the area”

Nevertheless, he maintained his position that if the Fulanis would be attacked when they come out to vote then he would advise them to stay away from the electoral process to avoid any casualties in the end.

The Galwei Regent rather blamed the intermittent disturbance and tensions on the failure of both traditional and political leadership in the Gushegu municipality to properly address the mishaps.

But, for his part, the NPP Galwei Electoral Area Coordinator, Abubakari Alhassan who was part of the meeting said the Regent did not provide prove for the claim that he had received Intel that these anonymous people were going to visit mayhem on the lives of the Fulanis.

He said no one can threaten the life of another in the area and assured that everybody including the Fulanis were going to turnout in their numbers on Monday to vote peacefully without any heckle.


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