Renowned Ghanaian gospel artiste Ohemaa Mercy has revealed that she has received just a paltry 300 cedis as royalties from Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) in the sixteen years of doing music.

In a recent interview with Ghanaweekend, the award winning  singer expressed her frustrations, shedding light on the challenges faced by many artistes who find themselves in similar situations.

Ohemaa Mercy, known for songs such as “Wobeye kese” and “Ote Memu”  music mentioned that the 300 cedis has been her only royalty payment since 2007.

Her revelation has further deepened and raised  questions about the transparency and accountability of royalty collection and distribution of the Ghanaian music industry,  with the role of GHAMRO.

GHAMRO, established to protect and manage the rights of musicians and songwriters, collects royalties on behalf of artistes for the public performance and broadcasting of their music. These royalties are intended to serve as a crucial source of income for artistes, supporting their creative endeavours and livelihoods.

In the said interview, Ohemaa Mercy lamented about the financial difficulties she had faced due to the lack of proper structures to earn the right royalties.

 “I received GH¢300 in 2007 and since then, I have never received any money from the royalties-sharing agency,” she said.

Ohemaa Mercy also called for  transparency, accountability, reforms and a comprehensive review of the royalty collection and distribution processes to ensure that artistes receive fair share of their  earnings.