Honeykof Herbal Cough Syrup introduced

With the increasing demand for herbal products, pharmaceutical company, Ernest Chemist Limited has been driven to introduce a new line of herbal drugs, with its very first being the Honeykof herbal mixture.

This is according to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Ernest Bediako Sampong.

In recent times, a lot of attention has been drawn to the efficacy of herbal medicines.

This has increased demand for this line of medicines leading to the introduction of the Honeykof Herbal Cough syrup by Ernest Chemist Limited.

In light of this, the newly launched cough syrup, Honeykof Herbal Cough syrup is set to meet the increasing demand for herbal medicines from the company.

Speaking at the launch of the product on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer, Ernest Bediako Sampong said this move is in line with the company’s mission to provide the full range of quality medicine at affordable prices.

“We realized that there has been increasing demand for herbal product and as a pharmacist, I know that a lot of these medicines derived from plants have a very huge efficacy. So we said, why don’t we venture into this area that’s how come this product is now on the markets. It’s not only the money reward we expect, but we also believe that it’s the demand for the product and also the efficacy of such products that drives us. Hopefully, I think it will benefit the patient, the customer and the company itself.”

Unlike its other cough syrups, Ernest Chemist’s Honeykof Herbal Cough is a non-drowsy syrup, made with honey and plant extracts of Herbal with the of bringing relief from cough and, sore throat and Throat irritation.

The new cough syrup which is available in all Ernest Chemists Shops and other pharmacies across the country, comes in a 100ml amber glass bottle, with a colourful label and pack, decorated with a picture of the thorax, ginger, honey and violets

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