Kennedy Agyapong

Firebrand MP Kennedy Ohene Agyapong says he has learnt a great lesson from a kind gesture Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings made towards him when he got furious with some police officers who had accused him of stealing a piece of land in Tema.

According to him, the attitude of the police got him very angry to the extent that he started having a headache.

“I was very angry to the extent that Dr Rawlings, the daughter of Ex-President Jerry John Rawlings was the one who gave me water. This is a very big lesson to me because today, Dr Rawlings and I are on the same committee, sitting and chatting,” Agyapong said on the Net 2 TV show the Attitude on Friday, March 26.

Explaining that he never agreed with the late President Rawlings and yet had to take water from Rawlings’s daughter, Agyapong stressed, “Charlie, you can’t say you have an enemy anywhere. So, we have to be careful the way we go about things.”

Giving the background, he explained that he bought a piece of land from a certain lady and after making all the required payments, he decided to fence the land because some other people were also claiming ownership of the land which was in his name.

He said the sad thing about the whole land issue that he has been having is that one Aziz who is a member of the police enforcement unit, is behaving in a way that will eventually disgrace the IGP and the entire Police Service.

“Somebody reported me [to the police] that I am taking her [piece of] land] from her and they have started the process of fencing the house…this Aziz, a corrupt police officer like that goes to the land to arrest those I have paid to work for me. When those working on the land called to inform me about the police presence on the day, the police officer was threatening to arrest those I have contracted to work for me,” Kennedy Agyapong narrated.

“How stupid can you be that you don’t even ask for the person who is claiming ownership of the land [about] the documents she is having. So, he arrested the guys working on my land and sent them to the police headquarters. I am watching them carefully…I later had to send someone to go to the station and show the police my documents and grant those working for me bail. I was so angry that I walked out on the police because at the time I was chairing the Defence and Interior Committee meeting….”

He continued: “The Police Officer was envious of me because the boys mentioned my name to him. The person who was claiming ownership of the land has since failed to present any documents to the police. Now on what basis did you arrest my three guys from Tema to Police Headquarters because someone told you that I’m stealing her land so it is enough reason to go and arrest them. Is that how police officers are trained in this country?”

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