Mr K. T. Hammond, MP for Adansi-Asokwa

The Member of Parliament for Adansi-Asokwa has entreated the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stop celebrating the June 4, 1979 uprising in the country.

Accordingly, the experienced lawmaker called for the ‘final funeral rites’ for the June 4, stressing the uprising now belongs to the land of the dead.

“Whatever June 4 was, it is dead and buried. Let it remain dead and buried in its grave.

“Let’s forget about it and move forward. Enough of the 4th June foolishness,” he stated.

An obviously peeved K.T. Hammond spoke to the media on June 9, 2021 in Parliament and noted that the so-called ideals of June 4 died a long time ago.

He reiterated that the architects of the 1979 revolt forgot about the purpose of the event and rather turned on each other in search of self-aggrandizement.

According to him, the event will be remembered today for only one thing and that is the fact it devoured all its participants.

“The architects of June 4 engulfed themselves in a battle to the end and ‘one of them departed the earth recently’ but the other one is still aggrieved.

“Talk about a revolution eating its own children. I mean it ate all its children and up till today they keep on talking about who was in charge.

“It was not so much about what they did for the country but who was in charge”, Mr K. T. Hammond queried.

Ghanaians, he maintained, are fed up with what he described as “the June 4 foolishness”.

Mr K. T. Hammond pointed out that there had been a National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) to reconcile the nation and indicated it was time to move forward.

Immeasurable suffering

The MP bemoaned that the celebration of this uprising every year is practically testing the patience of many Ghanaians who experienced immeasurable sufferings and losses on 4th June 1979.

According to him, what angered him about the recent celebration are statements people made to the effect that conditions in Ghana today are ripe for another June 4.

“It was said out there and essentially what do you think they are calling for,” he queried?

“I am telling them to stop disturbing the peace of the country with the 4th June crap because whatever the day symbolizes is gone and buried.

“It didn’t really achieve anything for the good of this country. It rather divided this country with the wanton bloodshed.

“Go and read the book ‘Death and pain’ of this journalist who fled the country to London during that time.

“Those of you who are young and don’t have a clue about what happened get a copy and read about what happened in Ghana on June 4,” he urged.

The MP argued that if the younger generation read and learn about the June 4 revolution they would be sympathetic to the grievances of those opposed to the celebration of the day.