The 2020 Parliamentary Candidate (PC) of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Tamale South constituency has refuted allegations of attack on a Tamale based social commentator, Mohammmed Bondirigbum, who identifies himself as a Journalist working with the Ghanaian Observer newspaper, allegedly perpetuated by some individuals believed to be his supporters at a local Television Station in the Tamale metropolis.

The immediate past PC said he is unaware of such actions as it is being reported in some sections of the media in Ghana. He, however, condemned any form of attack and violence against Journalists in the country.

In an interview with THE CUSTODIAN, Mr. Yakubu Yussif said as a parliamentary candidate in last year’s election, he had a cordial and fruitful relationship with many Journalists and media houses in the northern region and therefore, he cannot allow any individual or group of individuals from his constituency to visit mayhem on a media house or journalists.

THE CUSTODIAN checks reveal that the matter was reported to the Lamashegu Divisional Police Headquarters and investigations has commenced. Mr. Yussif urged the police service investigate the matter and establish the merit of the case.


Mr. Mohammed Bondirigbum is reported to have appeared at a TV station based in Tamale to share his opinion on matters arising in the Tamale South constituency after the 2020 general election. Consequently, some thugs believed to be sympathisers of the Tamale South NPP PC allegedly went to the station to attack the Journalist.

Mr. Mohammed Bondirigbum

A picture seen shows the hoodlums allegedly managed to attack and destroyed a Mapuka Savvy Motorbike reportedly for Mohammed Bondirigbum after he was taken to a hideout for safety.  

Meanwhile, an attempt made by THE CUSTODIAN to reach out to the Host of the Program to get an account of what had happened has been unsuccessful.

However, THE CUSTODIAN managed to get video recording of the program and can independently report that, Mr. Mohammed made several claims against the NPP past Candidate and also accused him and some of his constituency executives of embezzlement in the local dialect.

Mr. Mohammed Bondirigbum (right) and Host of the Program (left)

He is heard as saying in some parts of his submission that, “Why always Yakubu Yussif? More than this happened in 2016 but we didn’t talk about it on air and we know it wasn’t only in NPP but NDC also suffered the same predicaments in other constituencies but we never said it on air because we didn’t want to talk about it and this party will ask why we didn’t talk about the other party and so we didn’t bother to talk about them.”

He continued, “It hurts me a lot to see someone shortchange another person when you equally had your share to make use of. There is no parliamentary in this country, I witnessed it at Modern City here in Tamale when they gave them money to cater for the party boys at the polling stations but because we cannot say certain things on air, we would’ve called the NPP General Secretary or NPP National Chairman on live TV and you will hear what they would’ve said about the money”

“They gave every polling station GHS600 but how much did they give to those who have received their monies already, if we want expose people, why didn’t this happen in Tamale Central, Tamale North or Sagnarigu but always Tamale South? Every year Tamale South, 2016 to 2020 Tamale South, it irritates that you will into an election just to appreciate your votes and today those that we are talking now are again lobbying for positions in the government. Yes, Yakubu Yussif is lobbying for appointment, he’s in Accra now”

“What is happening in Tamale South means the people should blame their delegates because the delegates voted these people. You see, I don’t care if people say we are insulting someone because it is our job; what we have unravel through our investigations after the elections in Tamale South is serious and cannot be disclosed on this platform, it is not well” he added.

Mr. Yussif denied allegations that he diverted campaign items and logistics for the 2020 election and together with his executives also embezzled funds meant for polling station agents.

THE CUSTODIAN independent correspondence from some of the constituency executives confirmed that Yakubu Yussif was actually not part of the disbursement of the money to agents and other people during the period.

He, however, noted this could be a conspiracy being hatch to attack his integrity and reputation and further questioned why the Host and the organization never called to clarify the claims made against his person as required by natural justice and ethics of the profession.

Meanwhile, the NPP candidate said he will seek legal advice from his lawyer for the necessary steps to be taken.

THE CUSTODIAN will update its readers on matters arising in the Tamale South constituency and other areas in the aftermath of the 2020 general election in the northern region subsequently Gadafi, Tamale
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