NPP MP aspirant for Tolon constituency Alhaji Habib Iddrisu speaking to journalists after his vetting

An Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate of the governing New Patriotic Party (NP) for the Tolon constituency has assured delegates of the party and people of Tolon that infrastructure development and economic growth will be visible for the people to see if he is given the opportunity to become the Member of Parliament for the area.

Another major intervention Alhaji Habib Iddrisu promised to introduce is an endowment fund to support education of children to the highest level.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Free Zones Board in charge of the Tema Processing zone said the history of the NPP would not be complete without the immense contribution of the people of Tolon.

He however lamented that the people are still impoverished and the area underdeveloped.

Lack of basic social amenities such as water and electricity, according to Alhaji Habib, are bottlenecks undermining growth in the area.

He added that unemployment is also a major issue affecting the economic stability of the people.

“This and other reasons are why as a son of the soil, I am coming back home to move the constituency to the next level. Our MP has done his part but I think that, it’s just like running a marathon race when you start with a certain speed at a point in time you will be tired, our MP is tired and we need somebody who will take the baton to the next lap and I believe I am the best person”, he stated.

Education and agriculture growth 

An excited Habib Iddrisu who was balloted number five reiterated his commitment to launch the Tolon Educational Fund to support school children in the Tolon district.

He indicated that the fund, among other interventions, would be used in one way or the other to support farmers who are constraint with logistics and farm implements.

Interacting with journalists in Tamale after going the vetting process, Mr. Habib observed that about 90 percent of the inhabitants are predominantly farmers, stating until the implementation of the Akufo-Addo led NPP government novel Planting for Food and Jobs, farmers in the area were forgotten and the district virtually cut off from any support to improve farming activities.

Alhaji Habib touted some of his achievement aimed at promoting the socioeconomic and living standards of the people, revealing further how he lobbied government to construct one district, one warehouse project in the area.

He said the facility will enhance the storage of farm produce and farmers will no more endure post-harvest loses because of bushfires among other challenges.

Responding to allegations that, he is a stranger in Tolon and is not known in the political life of the constituency, Mr. Habib said, “I am a registered voter in Tolon and like I said previously before, I voted in the constituency in 2004, 2008 and 2012 but had to transfer my vote to Sagnarigu when I was elected the parliamentary candidate in 2016, so therefore this allegation cannot stand the test of time.” 

Peaceful elections

He promised to undertake issues-based campaign and urged his colleague candidates to follow suit. He said this is an internal contest and therefore, people must avoid pettiness, character assassinations and vindictiveness in the elections.