Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Shi Ting Wang

Chinese Ambassador to Ghana Shi Ting Wang has indicated that the Coronavirus may have started from China but its origin cannot be traced to the country.

He said it is now left to science to determine the matter scientifically and with professional assessment, especially as the World Health Organization (Who) is yet to conclude the matter. 

The world community, he said, however shares a common future due to the fact they all live on the same planet and share common resources and must therefore unit against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

He said, “COVID-19 is the enemy of all humanity. It therefore requires a common response from all nations.” 

“We should not waste time on blame game, stigmatisation and politicising the efforts of other countries.” 

“We should instead stay focused united because unity will give us power to overcome this challenge.” 

The Ambassador stated these at a presentation at the Kotoka International Airport where a cargo plane laden with 60 metric tons of medical supplies had landed. 

The supplies, courtesy of the Chinese government, are intended for 17 African countries to support the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

The countries to benefit from the medical supplies comprise Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Guinea, La Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina among many others. 

The medical materials, with a volume of 400 cubic meters and donated by the Chinese government, range from PPES like N95 face masks, medical protective suits, goggles and gloves to medical facilities like artery thermometers and ventilators.

According to him, since the outbreak of COVID-19 the Chinese government has executed vigorous measures and contained the spread of the epidemic within its borders. 

He averred that China, a country of 1.4 billion people has so far stem the tide of new homegrown cases to almost zero.

This achievement, the Ambassador said, did not come without a bitter cost. China, he said, has accumulated rich experiences in containing the disease and is ready to share that with the international community.