President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has applauded the paradigm shift in work management protocols since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Ghana.

COVID-19, which has left in its wake job losses running into tens of millions across the world has also inspired ingenuity and the can-do spirit of Ghanaians, thereby creating jobs.

According to him, the pandemic has stimulated the capacity of Ghanaians to produce for the state and make the country dependent on locally grown and produced things for survival.

In a speech to commemorate May Day at the studios of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation due to social distancing protocols, the President stressed this is clear manifestation of the country’s potential to move to a situation of self-sufficiency.

“Out of adversity comes opportunity. The “Veronica Bucket” has won universal acclaim for its inventiveness.”

“Ghanaian scientists are working on the discovery of an African vaccine to counter the virus, and of a test-kit suitable for our conditions.”

“Today, we are able to produce in increasingly large quantities of sanitizers and essential personal protective equipment required by our healthcare workers to fight the virus,” he stated.

The Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, he said, has been charged to lead a national dialogue on the future of work to fashion out a national strategy so the state is not taken by events, such as this pandemic, in the future.

He said, “Government will intensify the implementation of the four-point national strategy on formalisation to facilitate the identification and provision of support, relief and stimulus packages to businesses and workers in these difficult times.”

“I also assure organised labour that Government will continue to deepen its engagement with them, as we try to mitigate the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the economy, businesses and jobs.”

The President noted that job creation is one of the most important priorities of government and therefore innovative and urgent steps have been taken to realize this important social contract.

He observed that a weak response to the threat of COVID-19 would jeopardize the gains creating a buoyant economy and will worsen the lives and livelihoods of all Ghanaians.

Government, he said, has therefore put in place a Resilience and Recovery Plan to support businesses and households and ensure economic activity and sustained livelihoods.

He indicated that the Ministry of Finance is working with the Bank of Ghana to design policies and find resources to strengthen the productive sectors of the economy especially industry and agriculture.

President Akufo-Addo assured that government will roll out a GH¢600 soft loan scheme to support micro, small and medium scale businesses in addition to a GH¢3 billion credit and stimulus package from commercial banks.

He urged Ghanaians to continue to sacrifice so the state does not bear a greater cost in the future and ensure victory over this common enemy.