A Tamale based renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Iliyas Alhaji  Umar Imam has climaxed this year’s Tafseer by advocating the establishment of additional Islamic Counseling Centers in Ghana.

He bemoaned the influx of marriage breakdowns in particularly  Muslim communities, hence the need for  such installations.

“Social Distancing, the power of solitude in Islam, ” was the theme for this year’s Tafseer, which focused on marriage counseling, circular education and stability. 

Throughout the season, Sheikh Iliyas Umar entreated spouses to live   as partners for life. Stressing that peaceful homes nurture children to be responsible citizens.

He also emphasized the importance of circular education and thereby underscored  the need for parents to invest in their children’s schooling.

On the deadly COViD-19 global pandemic, he called for a comprehensive strategy to curtail the virus, which he remarked that  incessant prayers remained the solution.

As a former Tutor of Tamale Senior High School (Tamasco), Sheikh Iliyas Alhaji Umar Imam is crowned as an Ambassador of peace and religious tolerance in the Northern Region and beyond.