Alban Sumana Kingsford Balgbin, Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Alban Sumana Kingsford Balgbin has charged government to provide evidence of the Coronavirus pandemic to Ghanaians.

According to him, education on the disease has not gotten down well and thus prompting people to even question the very existence of the disease.

He argued it is also difficult to believe just the numbers being put out by government officials including the Health Minister and stressed that the confirmed cases, the recoveries and deaths are mere announcements not supported by solid evidence.

Mr. Bagbin who is also MP for Nadwoli/Kaleo made the call when he contributed to a statement by the Minister of Health on the current situation of the COVID-19.

He argued that constituents are demanding evidence of the coronavirus because it appears to many as a virtual reality.

He said, “The people we are leading want to see. In fact I want to see on TV some evidence of death and admissions. When you state this number of people are dead and people do not see any evidence of that…”

“I am giving you a feedback, it is not from me and as leaders and government what we do here is to give you feedback so you don’t need to be emotional as if someone does not believe you. It is just a feedback I am giving.”

According to the Deputy Speaker, many people he has interacted with claim they have not seen any evidence of the deaths and infections apart from what they are told by government.
He stressed that the strategies being implemented by the government in the fight against the Coronavirus should be determined by the situation and the nature of Ghanaians.

He stated that he is expecting government to have applied shock therapy by now to awaken the senses of Ghanaians to the dangers of the virus.

“We need a shock a therapy in situation of this nature to wake the people up from slumber to make them know that the COVID-19 is real.”

“Mr. Speaker, it is still not down there because people do not understand. They claim it is a white man’s disease and comes only from foreign lands and affects only the big people and they are not affected.”

“So we need to up our game in educating our people about COVID-19,” he stressed.