The Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Sa-eed

The Regional Security Council of northern region (REGSEC) has warned that it will deal with faceless individuals who recorded malicious voice tape to impugn the integrity and character of very Prominent Traditional rulers in Dagbon.

The recording followed a misunderstanding over the land ownership of the Jagbuni community.    

The Regional Minister, Mr. Salifu Sa-eed who doubles as chairman of REGSEC said in statement on Tuesday 26 May, that, whoever made those utterances will be dealt with in accordance with the laws of Ghana.  

He described the audio recording as a threat to the prevailing peace in both Dagbon and the Nanun traditional areas and the region as a whole. 

As a result, he further condemned the audio tape which has since gone viral on social media and to the general public without any hesitation.

Unsavory and unprintable words are heard in the audio recording, which sought to instigate riots between Dagbon and Nanun.

However, the minister appealed to the traditional leaders in the area to disregard contents of the audio.

Mr. Sa-eed called for cool heads to prevail especially among the youth and cautioned against the recording of similar audio or visual tapes to counter it. 

He assured that the dispute is being handled by the state security agencies in the region and people must not jeopardize the process.

Ties of Dagbon and Nanun

The minister reminded the two kingdoms that they are brothers and sisters. He reiterated that nothing will be tolerated to disturb that bond. 

Mr Sa-eed urged the Chiefs and people of these areas to exercise restraint and rather strengthen their age-long brotherly bond.

The bond, he added, has seen the two kingdoms co-existing since the establishment of the Gbewaa Kingdom.

Hon Sa-eed disclosed that security chiefs have resolved to hold peace talks with the Overlord of Dagbon, Ya Naa Abukari Mahama II, the Mionlana, Na Mahamadu Abdulai as well as the Regent of Nanun, Nyelinboligu Naa Andani Dasana to find lasting solution to the crisis over the ownership of Jagbuni lands.


THE CUSTODIAN has gathered that a meeting held at the Gbewaa palace between elders of Dagbon and Nanun last week to settle the matter ended unsuccessfully because of agitations.  

The two traditional kingdoms have been claiming ownership of the Jagbuni community for several years.