The advent of the internet, though a blessing to some extent, is really leading many people astray in terms of their sexual life.

The availability and widespread pornographic content and explicit videos and images on the internet has led an unquantifiable number of people, most especially the youth, relying on these videos and images to satisfy their sexual pleasures and as well resulted in them living their lives through the digital realm.

Masturbation, which is the process of releasing built up tension in a natural process indulged by human occurs among people of all backgrounds, gender and race and it is harmless in its essence.

For men, masturbation can help prevent cancer. For others, it can help release stress and tension from the body by providing it with excessive endorphins that triggers a soothing feeling to the body and offering one a good sound sleep.

However, addiction to pornographic content on the internet will lead to addiction and abuse of the natural and normal process.

What then are the implications of excessive masturbation?

When masturbation becomes an addiction, it wastes and takes valuable time off our daily routine because one may spend minutes or even hours watching sex related movies and videos on the internet to help them satisfy their sexual pleasures. The time wasted can be invested into profitable activities.

Premature ejaculation is also one of the risks of constant engagement in masturbation. This is the ejaculation of semen during sexual intercourse before or immediately after penetration. This situation is really frustrating since a partner in real life sex least expects it to occur faster and this drastically affects the relationship negatively.

Also, the inability to maintain and engage in intimate relationships not only sexually but mentally and emotionally is also another negative effect of addiction to masturbation.

This constant pleasure for watching explicit videos resulting in addiction to masturbation will gradually result to hurting romantic relationship and friendship. This is so because one may end up paying less attention to the needs of their loved ones and friends.

Decrease in sensitivity during sex is also another effect. Research has proven that too tight a grip on the penis during masturbation can decrease sensation during sexual intercourse and this subsequently leads to erectile dysfunction with a partner and in real life sex scenario due to the over dependence on particular porn fantasies for masturbation.

Pain is also another effect of excessive masturbation. The constant rubbing of the hands over the penis up and down during masturbation increases pain of the testicles in men and to some extent swelling up of the penis and skin irritation. This may also result in serious health complications over time.

For every act that seems to have a negative impact, there is a measure to reduce or curb it. Excessive masturbation can be reduced if certain measures are adhered to.

Avoiding pornographic contents on the internet is one of the measures that help to stay off masturbating. These explicit sex contents on the internet triggers sexual desires and so staying away from them puts the mind totally off the act of masturbating.

However, if this is difficult a person can try limiting their access to these contents by using filters to block what they watch from the internet.

Staying active can also help because this helps to occupy time and reduce the desire for masturbating. Taking up a new hobby and acquiring new skills, engaging in sporting activities can help a person refocus their energy and find excitement in other things.

Spending quality and more time with friends and family is also needful in situations like this. This also helps redirect focus and keeps a person’s mind on other things. Loneliness alone can lead to masturbating hence socializing more with family and friends helps to curb the situation.

Finally, consulting medical professionals and having a support group may be helpful for some people to quit the habit.

Sometimes, the act might be due to various reasons like mental health conditions, relationship issues, poor sexual conditions and even cultural differences in sexual expressions.

Thus, a person engaging in open talks about their challenges may help them feel at ease. This decreases the risk of guilt and shame associated with the act.

The excess of everything can be detrimental so is masturbation. The act, even though has many opposing and supporting views, limitation to it can be helpful.