General Secretary of the NPP, Mr John Boadu

Some delegates in the Lower West Akyem Constituency of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) have issued stern warning to General Secretary of the Party, John Boadu, to stay away from the constituency’s Saturday Parliamentary primaries.

According to a section of the delegates who spoke to this portal, the General Secretary of the Elephant family, instead of playing neutral in the election has taken it upon himself to campaign for one of the delegates in the upcoming primaries.

The said candidate, Gifty Klenam, has been in Parliament for two terms, and is seeking a comeback for a third time.

According to some of the delegates, she is using the National Headquarters to do her bidding, which they insist disadvantages other contestants. 

They assert, “Madam Klenam was an MP for two terms, the only person who had two terms, but we have nothing to show for it.”

“Moreover when the NPP took power, our President, Akufo-Addo never disappointed us at Lower West Akyem.” 

“He appointed Madam Klenam as the Chief Executive Officer at the Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC) but she disappointed the President and disgraced the Constituency.” 

“She was cited in the Auditor General’s report of 2017 for misappropriation and non accounting of monies, which she claimed to have shared to some Committee Members in Parliament.”

The delegates alleged that even after numerous allegations were leveled against Gifty Klenam and was asked to step aside, she had wanted to ‘fight’ the same authority that put her there.” 

“So why is the General Secretary, John Boadu supporting her and trying to impose such a person on us,” they queried?

“We are telling John Boadu to be neutral in this and stop what he is doing,” they warned.

Some of the delegates also said Gifty Klenam performed poorly as an MP, but was voted for twice.

“We are looking for somebody who our opponents the NDC will not get anything negative against in the 2020 general election.”

“If she is clean and the NDC have nothing against her, why would the General-Secretary take the trouble to campaign for her alone when this contest is a family matter,” they asked?