NDC Minority Women Caucus in a group picture with the NDC running Mate, Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang

Your Excellency, we the members of the Minority Women Caucus in Parliament are here today to officially congratulate you on your selection as the Running Mate to the Flagbearer of the Great NDC party, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama.

As women, words cannot describe our joy that finally a major political party in Ghana and a highly possible party to form the next government has selected an accomplished female Running Mate like your good self for the upcoming election. We are glad, we are proud of you, and we are exceedingly grateful to our former President H.E. John Mahama for once again demonstrating his commitment to gender equality by selecting you to occupy the enviable position of incoming Vice President.

Although, it is said that what men can do women can do better, women always have to quadruple the efforts of men before they are recognised. Therefore, we are not surprised at your selection because of your hard work in both private and public life.

Prof. Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman, Running mate to former President John Dramani Mahama

We have no doubt that bringing on board your rich experience in leadership and intellect, you will deliver to the admiration of all as Vice President should Ghanaians give the NDC party the mandate to govern the country in December.

Prof., as you are aware, the journey to the high office will be arduous and replete with many obstacles but we encourage you to remain focused, strong and courageous until we make that history of electing the first female Vice President of this country. Please bear in mind that, we as female parliamentarians are looking up to you, young ladies are looking up to you as a role model, and all women of this country are looking up to you to represent their interest in the governance of this country.

We want to assure you that, the Women Caucus in Parliament is solidly behind you and we will use all our strengths to push you to the top. We are also calling on all women and men who want to see a change in the governance system of this country to support us make history in our time. Above all, we ask for God’s favour and wisdom that he gave King Solomon for you as you partner the Flagbearer to steer affairs of the country if elected.

Again, Prof., Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang, congratulations. We are with you.

Hon. Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah (MP-Ada)

2nd Deputy Minority Whip and Vice Chairperson of Women Caucus in Parliament

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MP for Ada, Second Deputy Minority Whip and Vice Chairperson of Women Caucus in Parliament, Ms Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe Ghansah