Nana Dr. Atikoasere Oteng-Boadu III

The Gyasehene of Mamfe Akuapem and Kyedomman, Nana Dr. Atikoasere Oteng-Boadu III, has cautioned the public against underestimating the potency of the novel coronavirus.

He noted that in spite of considerable evidence to the contrary, some people choose to downplay the reality of Covid-19 and even doubt its existence, adding that such skepticism invariably creates conditions that promote the spread of the virus.

“COVID-19 is real, and so I encourage all skeptics to disabuse their minds of their doubts. Many notable persons have contracted the virus and so we should not have to look any further for evidence of its existence. The unfortunate thing is that in the end, it is these very skeptics that may end up contracting and spreading the virus”, he said.

“It’s imperative that we all take extra caution that this virus doesn’t invade our homes; because a disease that could keep you out of reach of your family and loved ones; the family would not have the opportunity to bury you when you die, is a terrible one,” he added.

In an interaction with the media on the sidelines of the ongoing nationwide voter registration exercise, Nana Dr. Atikoasere Oteng-Boadu III, cautioned the youth against the act of lawlessness at the registration centres. “Let’s have a peaceful registration devoid of fights and misunderstandings” he added.

According to him, the essence of the law is to ensure sanity, hence anything that distorts this sense of orderliness must be severely punishable.

“The law is always supreme, and so anyone who flouts the law must be dealt with. All I’ll say is that the registration exercise is a constitutional right of all Ghanaians. This is more so when the Voter ID card essentially constitute a very important proof of citizenship for major transactions. To this end, it’s reckless and needless for anyone to foment trouble at the registration centre.

“The law has made it clear that anyone who engages in such acts will be prosecuted,” he said, adding “my advice to the youth, especially, is that they should endeavour to follow the safety protocols and the EC regulations at the registration centres.

 “Go home when you are done with your registration.”

He commended citizens of Mamfe for their strict compliance with laid down COVID safety protocols, expressing hopes that same is replicated in other parts of the Akuapem enclave.

“I can attest to the fact that all the COVID-19 safety protocols, fortunately, are being adhered to; and as you can see for yourself, social-distancing is working well. Also, everyone’s temperature is checked soon as one steps into the registration perimeter. It’s my hope that this level of compliance is replicated all over the Akuapeman area, and I expect same level of discipline during the general elections come December 7.”