Mr Koku Anyidoho, former Communications Director under late President Atta Mills

Former Director of Communications under President John Evans Atta Mills Mr Koku Anyidoho, has ripped through those calling him to reconcile with the party.

According to him, calls on him to frequent the party headquarters for people to know he loves the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is ridiculous.

He disclosed that President Atta Mills called him by telephone to serve like Jesus Christ called his disciples and if those who needed his service would not call him, they better forget it.

“So if you won’t call on me, forget it. I don’t beg for recognition. I have never done so. Go and check my records at Kotoka Primary School through to my secondary school to the University, I did beg for recognition”.

Mr. Anyidoho insisted he has not deserted the NDC and indicated he worked and served on the Presidential Primaries Committee.

The former NDC Deputy General Secretary argued that, if there is anything some believe he can offer to the party, it should be brought to the table for discussion.

Speaking on Asaase Radio and Asempa FM yesterday ahead of the eighth remembrance year of his former Boss, late Prof Mills on Friday, Koku Anyidoho stated,” I got calls from people who tell me if I wake up in the morning I should go to the party headquarters and walk around to demonstrate I love the party.”

“Bullshit! If you think there is something I can offer bring it to the table and let’s discuss it. I am too busy.”

“I’m talented. God has given me talent; I write, I create, I craft, I mentor, I teach and I tutor people.”

“And this baby of mine called Atta Mills Institute is barely out of the cradle. I should leave it at home and go perambulating at the party headquarters because I want recognition, God forbid,” he stated.

According to the former Communications Director of President Atta Mills, he owes no apology to anyone in the NDC and insisted he has paid his dues to the party and will not kowtow to whims of others in order to be accepted.

He said he can only speak to his experience at the Presidency under President Atta Mills and no other person else he becomes a liar.

Mr Anyidoho argued his only experience in life at any Presidency was under the Atta Mills regime and indicated beyond that he has not experienced any life again at any Presidency.

“So when I talk of my life experiences at the Presidency it can only be around a certain John Evans Atta Mills. Is that supposed to be a crime,” he quizzed?

“Am I supposed to go and manufacture an experience around somebody I did not work with. Is that the story?”

“I’m not telling an Ananse story, am telling truth. Let other people tell the stories of people they have worked with. It is as simple as that,” he stated.

He insisted he is a disciple of Professor Atta Mills and not an apostle and indicated on that rock he will build the Atta Mills Institute.

Mr Anyidoho argued that his own political legacy is intrinsically buried in the legacy of Atta Mills adding, “That is the story I know and that is the story I will tell.”

Mr. Anyidoho averred that he will also tell the story of the NDC from the time of Jerry Rawlings because he lived through the experience.

He argued he can identify with Mr. Rawlings because he stood for something hence his love for the NDC.

“So I can tell the NDC story from the beginning, however, when it comes to the Jerry Rawlings Presidency I cannot tell that story because I was not in the Rawlings Presidency.”

“So was I not in the Presidency with other presidents but the thing that I know is that I will always respect the office of the President.”

“And so for the records, I respected John Mahama when he was the President of the Republic of Ghana. I respect Akufo-Addo as President of the Republic of Ghana because that office is the highest in the land and God forbid that I spit on that office having served a president and lived around it,” he stressed.