Political communication is an important tool in our political culture. Communication is essentially the transfer of information or message from a source to the receiver with the aim of comprehension and understanding the message shared or given.

Communication should attract people to appreciate what you are sharing. Your message or information should be able to positively change the receiver’s thoughts on the matter raised in the message.

In five months’ time, we (Ghanaians) would be going to the polls to elect the President and our Members of Parliament for the management of our country for the next four years.

Serious political parties such as the New Patriotic Party, the incumbent and its arch rival ,National Democratic Party have started organising and preparing their communication strategies to outwit each other.

So far, the two parties have started the use of the two components. ie communication and organisation, essentially to woo the voting Ghanaians to accept their message and join their folds. I am limiting my topic on communication.

The communication style to talk, write and communicate in political space and in governmental arena is known as the political communication. It is normally done by the politicians themselves or hired individuals to undertake this particular exercise on their behalf. But on most occasions, the politicians do it.

In Ghana, it is sickening to know the style, strategy, tactics and the manner our power seekers adopt.

Very unintelligent, uncultured and very uninspiring. They lace it with insult, lies and propaganda. They throw the cultural values to the wind. And sadly go on an insulting spree  against  their opponents.

Ironically, those applauding them for their ‘success ‘are their own party supporters. No benefits as they hardly win any outsider to their fold or turf.

Politically, you communicate to bring in additions not the opposite. A political communicator should be able to apply all strategies  on board to win or woo the undecided.

Ghanaians cherish their cultural values and respect their elders and leaders no matter  the  errors they commit. Therefore, it is good they culturalise their message by communicating with reverence and all the cultural instincts they possess.

You communicate to win not detaching potential voters or people from your ambit or remit.

We must remember that, communication could be verbal and nonverbal. Whichever method you adopt should be in consonant with our principles as Ghanaians and Africans.

In my candid assessment, NDC must thoroughly work on their communication strategies, especially in the manner their communicators sell their messages. Very appalling and uninspiring.

Throwing threats against the people you are trying to convince to vote for you is completely wrong and therefore you are not effectively selling your message.

Playing to the gallery by using some bad words will not bring any positive results to you. Numbers matter in our politics and therefore it is most appropriate for communicators to put in their best by giving out their messages well to the population.

Communication is key in the forthcoming political campaigning. Effective communication on the achievements of the two main parties will be the deciding tool.

The floating population or voters would be watching, listening and reading what the communicators would be selling out to them.

A party wins power by the votes of its supporters and others. Who are the others? How will you win them? What strategy will want to adopt to woo them?

Remember  insults, threats and using unprintable language will not win you power.

The voters are discerning.