Asankragwa chiefs deny endorsing NDC

Asankragwa chiefs have debunked some media reports that they have endorsed the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) ahead of the 2020 general election.

Gyaasehene of Asankrangwa Nana Adu Boahen was reported to have made some pronouncements, which suggested that the chiefs in the area were firmly behind the NDC for victory in the December 7 polls.

He reportedly gave the endorsement when the NDC Running Mate, Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang visited the Amenfi West constituency yesterday.

However, in a swift statement signed and issued by Andrew Kwame Appiah, Stool Secretary to the Asankrangwa Divisional Area, the Chiefs indicated that the words of the Gyaasehene were misconstrued, hence the need to set the records straight.

”The language we employed in our speech is the language use for every Presidential candidate and running mate who pays a courtesy call on Nananom. The Divisional Council has the history of neutrality on politics. We do so, acutely aware of the political divide that has polarised our traditional area and constituency. Rather than endorse, we encourage–and that is what we did when the lady Professor took her turn to visit us. It’s unfortunate that the language of neutrality Nana Adu Boahen employed, perhaps with the embellishment of royal diplomatic semantics, didn’t sit well with sections of the public.

”We spoke, being aware that all political parties have an equal chance of emerging victorious on the December 7 election, hence our reference to the lady Professor that, being in the race, she like all other candidates, has the potential to emerge victorious. We asked that when she has her turn to be in power, she should remember our deplorable circumstances and help us.”

The Chiefs reiterated that ”the act of political endorsement is alien to our standard of neutrality and therefore would not engage in this divisive scheme.

They added that, “We spoke, knowing that any of the parties that comes to power on January 7 can potentially help us with development projects. As traditional rulers, we speak what will benefit the mass of our people.

“This explanatory note does not proceed from prejudice, ill-will or fear; neither is it borne out of sycophancy or eye pleasing service. When it comes to Chiefs endorsing political parties and candidates, the Asankrangwa Divisional Area have the benefit of history that attest to our neutrality.

“We stick to our statement that our area has long been neglected by politicians since 1992. This we reiterated during the visit of the Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman, and we shall continue to engage any other visiting political party on such developmental issues.

“In conclusion, we Nananom of the Asankragwa Divisional Area, wants to affirm that the act of political endorsement is alien to our standard of neutrality and therefore would not engage in this divisive scheme which have a strong potential of hurting our common purpose and unity as a nation”.