Drama broke out when an Accra Circuit Court sentenced a 21-year-old Auto mechanic to seven years imprisonment for defiling a 12-year old girl in a vehicle parked at a mechanic shop at Darkuman.

Samuel Teye, was found guilty by the Court presided over by Mrs Christina Cann on the charge of defilement at the end of a trial.

Teye in his plea for mitigation maintained that he did not defile the victim, but pleaded with the court.

Soon after the judgment was pronounced in the courtroom, Teye’s stepfather raised his hand in the air saying he and his family had paid an amount of GH¢ 3,000.00 to the complainant, yet his son was convicted.

Teye’s stepfather said he and the complainant discussed that they were going to give some of the money to the Prosecutor and the Police Commander.

Then the trial judge asked of the whereabouts of the complainant who in open court admitted collecting the money.

The complainant also told the court that they were approached by the convict’s step-father and relations to collect GH¢ 3,000.00 to defray any cost incurred as a result of the matter.

According to the complainant, he had not spent the money and that, it was lodged in a mobile money wallet.

The court then compelled the complainant to produce the money and hand over same to the convict’s step-father.
After some minutes, the money was produced and handed over to Teye’s step-father.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Agnes Boafo, the Prosecutor said she was unaware of any payment.
The trial judge cautioned the audience in the court room against payment of monies to any court official or police personnel.

The judge said: “I don’t take bribe here, I don’t accept “thank you gifts”. Don’t give money to anyone in the court to be given to anybody. I am paid for the job I am doing.

If you pay any money to anyone, that person is going to use it for himself.”
Passing Teye’s sentence, the court noted that he was first, offender, and was young.
Due to the factors mentioned above, it was handed down seven years imprisonment.

Teye claimed he was not at the said crime scene through his lawyer filed a plea of alibi. He called three defense witnesses who rather gave contrary statements.

DSP Boafo narrated that the complainant is a driver residing at McCarthy Hills and the victim is his daughter.
The victim is said to reside with her mother at Darkuman with Teye in the same vicinity.

On March 25 this year, Teye lured the victim into a black Chevrolet private car parked inside a mechanic shop at Darkuman.
The prosecution revealed that Teye locked the car doors and forcibly had sex with the victim on a front seat.

The Prosecutor said the victim returned home late and when her Aunty enquired she narrated her ordeal to her.
The complainant reported the case to the Kaneshie Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit and where a Police Medical Report form was issued to seek treatment.

The prosecution said after the examination, the report confirmed that the victim has been defiled.
On March 27, Prosecution said Teye was arrested but denied the offense during interrogation.