The Northern Regional Coordinating Director, Alhaji Issahaku Alhassan has said Ghana needs accurate data to properly plan its developmental agenda to address the numerous socioeconomic challenges across the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies in the country.

He stated the 2021 population and housing census is a very important national exercise that must be carried out with diligence; adding that no country in the world can develop effectively without accurate numbers in terms of its population and its housing.

He emphasized also that without reliable data, no country stand the chance of securing the good governance that the people desire to propel its socioeconomic growth.  

Mr. Issahaku believes therefore that the agenda of transformation in Ghana largely depend on the data that will be gathered during the forthcoming population and housing census spearheaded by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS).

The Chief Director made these remarks when he addressed the opening ceremony to commence the ongoing face-to-face capacity building workshop for National Trainers in Tamale.

The Northern Regional Coordinating Director, Alhaji Issahaku Alhassan addressing trainees for the National Trainers in Tamale

He added wrong or inaccurate data is sometimes more dangerous than not having the data at all and therein challenged the respective officers who will be tasked for the job to provide the most efficient and reliable data that will enable the country to make critical decisions.

“I am sure each one of you here is very much concern about the development his/her community, towns, regions and even the country as a whole but in all of these, we need to situate it in the context that, we cannot achieve all that we’re seeking if we do not have the accurate numbers that we can rely on to make a case for development.

And so, for those of you who find yourself here, I want you to consider yourselves privileged to be part of this exercise, because, ultimately the 2021 census will go down in history as one of the census that has been held in this country and if you happened to have your name written as having contributed to making it successful, the least you can do is to smile, so that one day you can refer your grandchildren to that particular document and let them know that you were part of the creation of that document” he advised.

Alhaji Issahaku therefore said as far the development of the country is concern, the role of the trainees is critical and implored them to recognize that.  

About two hundred and ninety three (293) individuals are participating are currently participating in 8-day face to face national trainers’ workshop in Tamale and Wa in the Upper West region organised by the GSS.

Individuals who perform well in this final training will be selected to serve as resource persons to train regional trainers in the value chain.


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