Mr John Peter Amewu, MP for Hohoe

Member of Parliament (MP) of Hohoe Constituency, Mr John-Peter Amewu, has called on Hohoe constituents, home and abroad to rally behind him to develop the Constituency.

“At the time it is a call to duty, a call to sacrifice for the development of the Hohoe constituency, by this singular act we have for the first time won the Hohoe constituency for development, accountable leadership and also for the New Patriotic Party.”

Attraco Park in Accra with citizens of Hohoe based in Accra, said “it was to show our gratitude for their support.

“As I keep saying, the Constituency belongs to you, the people of Hohoe and not any particular political party, so when you vote, vote to change your destiny.

Your votes made the difference and I wish to thank you all for getting involved in securing the future of Hohoe; by the grace of God, we shall not disappoint you.”

The MP said it was time for all constituents to get back to work in fulfilment of all that the Party had promised to do back home in Hohoe adding that he would fulfil all promises within the next four years.

“My next office which I don’t know yet is opened to everybody. Once you come from the Hohoe Constituency, there is the chance to call on me as your Member of Parliament.

“It is not everything I would be able to do in the first year, but I will do my best to execute my plans one by one. You are aware of the projects I have already started in the Constituency.”

He said the mandate belonged to the electorate to decide who represented them in Parliament adding that he should not be given another mandate if he failed them but “I assure you that my output will make you renew that mandate.