The Management of KGL Technology Limited is expected to release funds to the National Lottery Authority (NLA) for payment to lotto winners.

KGL Technology, a licensed online lotto marketing company responsible for the operation of *959#, the official short code of NLA arrived at a consensus with the leadership of Financial Business and Services Employees Union (FBSEU) of G. F. L., and the NLA through its Finance Directorate to release the funds for the Authority so that NLA will be able to pay outstanding wins.

A statement issued by the management of NLA noted that the non-payment of the wins, has recently become a worrying situation for the staff, lotto marketing companies and the industry as a whole.

It was widely reported in the media that the Staff of NLA suspended their services for non-payment of wins dating back to about a year plus other issues of concern.

However, KGL Technology Limited has stepped in to resolve the matter by releasing monies to the Authority to pay all outstanding wins of the NLA.

It is expected that the support from KGL Technology Limited would help to calm nerves and reduce the tension at the Authority.

The statement noted that the “KGL Technology Limited is ever prepared to harmoniously work with all the stakeholders of the lottery industry and employees of National Lottery Authority to ensure a maximum revenue generation for Government, support the welfare of Staff and Lotto Marketing Companies”.