Electrochem Ghana Limited is giving jobs to youth in Ada

The Management Electrochem Ghana Limited at Sege in Ada has denied claims that it is fomenting divisions and instigating violence within the Ada area.

A statement issued by the company’s Management said claims by section of the media that it is, through its activities, creating tension and division in Ada cannot be true.

According to Electrochem, which is granted a 15-year lease of the Ada Lagoon to develop the Songor Salt project, such publications are only intended to falsely malign the reputation of the company.

“For the avoidance of doubt and benefit of clarity, the company states in no uncertain terms that the allegation that the company is fomenting divisions and instigating violence within the Ada area is untrue,” it stated.

The statement said the company is mindful of its responsibilities as a leader in corporate citizenship and a wholly-owned Ghanaian business that understands the communities it serves.

It pointed out that the Electrochem, has since the commencement of its operations in Songor (Ada) undertaken and continues to implement key development programmes for the area in keeping with its mission and pledge to support the Ada community in its development.

The company reiterated its commitment to the larger Ada community, and expressed the hope that it will protect its concession and its heavy investment.

It added that it will readily report any act of criminality perpetuated by persons who routinely threaten its operations unlawfully to the appropriate authorities.

Electrochem, the statement added, is fully dedicated to the social transformation of Ghana and especially the chiefs and people of Ghana hence will not be swayed by any false publication from its responsibilities.

The Company since its operations in Ada, is creating community pans, which will be managed by the people themselves and carrying out refurbishing and reengineering works on the Lagoon.

So far, 10 pans have been completed and would be given to the community to operate and it is expected that the youth who would mine in those pans would be able to mine over 500,000 bags of salt every year; something the chiefs and people consider a great turnaround for the youth of Ada.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities, the Company is also ready to construct roads, build schools and hospitals and make pans for surrounding villages.

Information gathered indicates that over 2,000 indigenes of Ada have already been employed in various capacities at the concession and there is the hope that Electrochem Ghana Limited will create over 6,000 direct and indirect jobs during its operations.

The Company has also supported the Security Services especially the Police Service in Ada with logistics to be able to fight crime and boost their patrols in the communities.