The Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Shani Alhassan Shaibu, has lauded the Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako Atta, for responding timely to ascertain the degree of damage caused in the region after hours of heavy downpour last Monday, 30 August, 2021.

Mr. Kwasi Amoako Atta received the commendation when he paid a courtesy visit on the Northern Regional Minister at the Coordinating Council as part of his two-day working tour of the region to have firsthand information about the devastation caused by the rainfall.

In his welcome remarks, Mr. Shani Alhassan Shaibu, said, “We are most delighted to have you here and we welcome you with open heart. There is a saying in Dagbani that, the one who hears your cry is your beloved. You have heard our cry and you’re here; of course – you’re our beloved and we’re happy to have you in our midst today”.

The Minister was however hopeful that the tour of the Roads Minister will yield something positive to remedy the situation in the region.

“I believe you’re the first governmental agency whom we are hearing from since the incident happened on Monday. Nobody has spoken to me and I was so delighted when I was informed you’re coming” he added.

The Minister said the region was fortunate not to lose human lives as a result of the downpour but however lamented people have lost thousands of their properties to the floods.

For his part, Mr. Amoako Atta noted the Akufo-Addo government is an active one with the determination of fixing the country since 2017 and would continue to serve Ghanaians.

He said, “Let me say that, this is not a northern region problem. President Akufo-Addo says that any disaster that happens anywhere in our country should be seen and treated as a national problem. And like I said, it is an act of God – it can happen in northern region, it can happen in Ashanti, Eastern, Western, Volta; anywhere and so any problem arising out of God is considered and treated as a national problem”.