Mrs Rebecca Otuo Serebour, CEO of Trashy Beauties and her products

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trashy beauties, a company that converts trash to useful products, Mrs Rebecca Otuo Serebour, has advised Ghanaians to refrain from the practice of throwing waste anyhow but instead value them.

According to her, trash means a lot more, adding that “they are treasures.”

“I am pleading with Ghanaians to pay more attention to the trash/waste we generate in our homes and environment—they are not trash but treasures and we must therefore, keep and value them,” she appealed.

Mrs Otuo Serebour gave the advice on Friday, November 26, 2021, when her company unveiled some finished products made from waste.

Some of the products included wall clocks, mirrors, centre tables, flower pots, vases, cupboards, dining tables, sofas, and trash bins.

An environmentalist, Madam Emma Osei Appiah Adwoa Duah, who was present at the event, heaped loads of praise on the CEO of Trashy beauties.

She said the operations of companies like Trashy beauties will go a long to reduce the volume of waste that are sent to the dumpsites.

“…you know, land is increasingly becoming scare, so as we are able to put some of the waste to another use, we are reducing the volume of waste, and it will help us to manage our waste properly,” she said.   

While recommending the business to the creative arts industry, she encouraged Ghanaians to patronise products of Trashy beauties, adding that “we should not only look at the value but also the intent and energy that has gone into the production.

“…and you are buying her products with the mind that you are saving the earth, you are saving the environment, you are helping reduce waste so that we all together help make Accra a clean city,” she averred.

Beautiful products made from trash

Furthermore, Madam Duah stressed the need for Ghanaians to improve their attitude towards the environment, adding that “we shouldn’t just consume and trash, we should add value to the waste by taking, for instance, our empty water bottles to her shop to buy,” she said.

According to her, there are “three Rs” in the management of sanitation, stating that these are reduce, reuse and recycle.

She said the work of Trashy beauties fits the reuse and recycle chains of waste management.

Mr Isaac Sarpong from the African Environmental Sanitation Consult said artefacts made from waste by Trashy beauties help divert waste which otherwise would have landed at the landfills.

He added that when the operations of Trashy beauties become national, more waste would be converted into very useful products.

He, therefore, encouraged players in the creative arts space to come on board and lend their support, insisting that environmental sanitation is the business of every Ghanaian.

Trash beauties is a private company that uses waste products or trash like used plastic bottles, cotton bud, cardboards, old car tyres, and old newspapers to create useable products.