By Ahumah Ocansey

This article has been prompted by the grandiose delusion of Western nations that their standard of human rights is what should prevail in the world, and Africa, especially, would do well to fall in tow, otherwise it would suffer sanctions.

Rights have been predicated of human beings, so we answer the question: What is the human being, that he should have rights? And, what rights?

We begin with the Holy Bible, where we read the following:

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God created him: male and female (Genesis 1:27).

Man has been designed as a “god” (image of God), and as a child of the most High (with the DNA of God). It is the supernal nature of man that has enabled man to go to space and explore the galactic universe; it is the DNA of God that has made man to do all the exploits of technology, music, science, architecture, and things too numerous to mention. Man is far from ordinary; man is a species of divine wonder!

Invariably, the creative impulses within us require space and exercise of free will for their actualisation.


The first “human rights” conferred on man by the Creator is found in Genesis 1: 28-30. Summarily, man is to “multiply and fill the earth”, and also to “subdue” all things placed under him.

Fulfilling the mandate to fill the earth required “male and female” species, whose sexual copulation would yield the seed to fill the earth, and this principle is also apparent in animals, reptiles, birds, insects and plants.

With the growth of human population, “human rights” and laws evolved to create the desired environment for peaceful co-existence and development of the human race.

That environment is social order. We must understand social order to be a confluence of laws and rights that create a disciplined, legal, predictable and safe social environment for man’s optimum development.

A unit of that social order is the family, then the community, and, finally, the nation.

The book of Deuteronomy states some of the laws and “rights” that man needed to be a fuller person.


The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights has 30 articles, some few of which are:

• We Are All Born Free & Equal. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way.

• Don’t Discriminate. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.

• Freedom of Expression. We all have right to make up our own minds, to think what we like, to say what we think, and to share our ideas with other people.

• We’re All Equal Before the Law. The law is the same for everyone. It must treat us all fairly.

• The Right to Democracy. We all have the right to take part in the government of our country. Every grown-up should be allowed to choose their own leaders.

• Social Security. We all have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education and childcare; enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill or old.

• Marriage and Family. Every grownup has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married, and when they are separated.

The vision of the UN is to create an international social order where laws and rights within and among nations shall protect and promote humanity’s highest good.

It is in pursuance of that social good that, universally, nations have laws against crime, and various infractions of civil order.

Where any law or movement tends to overthrow this established social order, that law or movement becomes subversive of humanity’s progress and development.


It is here that the Western nations come into focus.

Currently, the Western nations have promulgated laws that allow same sex marriage, and transgender through surgical operations.

A man would have his penis and testicles removed and have inserted a vagina, because he prefers to be a woman!

Similarly, a woman would have the breasts removed and hormones injected into her to be masculine, because she prefers to be a man!

It is now being promoted that when a child is born, it is neither “male” nor “female”; regardless of the sex, it is an “it”!

When the child is grown, the child would then have the “right” to choose the “sex”! Besides the promiscuity of sexual perversions, the Western nations are now promoting Gender Ideology.

Gender ideology

Gender ideology is an educational curriculum that is being promulgated to teach “sexual rights” to children. In other words, the LGBTQ++ shall be inculcated in children at school.

It is apparent that human rights have gone beyond the pale of normalcy into the realm of the absurd. It is needless saying that such obvious aberration of “human rights” is fundamentally contrary to the divine order of procreation, and purpose for man’s being. The Western nations are playing God! They would determine who is male and female; no more the divine order.

The permissive trend apparent in Western nations would overthrow the social order that functions as the energising culture that sustains a nation.

They are creating centripetal forces that would operate like a black hole in space, and suck them inside the maelstrom of destruction.

There are limits to human rights.

The social order is paramount to the growth and survival of every nation.

Humanity owes itself a duty to protect the social order from the disintegrative forces of mindless human rights spreading like the dreaded COVID-19, and bound to destroy the nations.


The writer is a lawyer