Rising Afro Reggae-Dancehall artist Selasi Aklotsoe Mensah, with stage name SamKcat, has released his first Dancehall single; ‘Get The Money’.

This dance tune is inspired by the urge to call people to action to support one another.

Parts of the song is inspired by Jay-Z’s phrase in the song the a ‘Devil is a lie’ with Rick Ross.

‘Get The Money’ is part of a yet to be released EP – Freedom Takers.

SamKcat grew up in a broken home from the age of 6 and has had to teach and motivate himself to get to where he is today. He is graduate of Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) with Bachelor of Art in Public Relations.

Music is one thing which has kept him motivated all his life and doing music, to him, is a form of giving back to society.

Hopefully, ‘Get The Money’ will inspire you to give back to society in a litte or any possible way you can.