The Member of Parliament for Gushegu Constituency has added nine more communities to the National Electricity Grid.

The Deputy Minister for Transport before his election as MP connected 5 communities to the national grid and 17 more villages after the 2020 general election.

This brings the total number of beneficiary communities to 31 with one outstanding community to make it 32.

The latest beneficiary communities include Kpana, Sampibga, Nalogu, Bogu Kamonayili, Naluwa, Fintoli, Bambuli A, Bambuli B and Kukpang under phase three of the Rural Electrification Project.

The MP also installed street lamps across the beneficiary communities to provide security and boost economic activities in the Gushegu municipality at night.  

Addressing Journalists, Mr. Tampuli reiterated his commitment to bringing development to the people of Gushegu as promised in his 2020 manifesto.

He further underscored the importance of electricity to socioeconomic growth of the people.

“It’s very significant to note for an electoral area like Bogu where we have about 25 communities and no single community had light until just about a month or two ago when we did two and today we have added three communities making it five.”

The lawmaker said about 27 more communities would added to the national grid and some villages in the same electoral area have been captured in the next phase of the exercise under the Self Help Electrification Project (SHEP) under the Ministry of Energy.

“On my own, I will be doing electricity in seven communities. Out of the 32 that we have done, I have done nine which I bought the transformers; I bought the electricity poles as well as the wires. Even some of the communities we did I bought some of the poles for them because I needed the contractor (tropical systems) to expand the scope of where the electrification project should get to” Lawyer Tampuli added.

He has therefore commended the government of President Nana Akufo-Addo for the support.

Mr. Tampuli asserted that the kind of attention given to the Gushegu constituency is unprecedented as far as electricity connection is concern.

According to him, in 26 years, only 32 communities were connected to the national grid but then in two years of his tenure the same 32 communities connected to the national grid.

“Now, all together, we believe that we would be able to accomplish over 60 to 70 communities by the time we go into the next elections in 2024”, he indicated.  

Meanwhile, the Chiefs and youth of the beneficiary communities have expressed their gratitude to the government and the MP for the electrification project describing the gesture as satisfactory.

The people believe the MP’s agenda of growth is realistic and pledged to give him their maximum support and cooperation to transform the constituency.