PwDs need access to social services

The Centre for Research and Development Alternatives (CREDA) has launched a project dubbed: “Youth Federation of Persons with Disability (PwDs)” under the Ghana Federation of Disability (GFD) organisations to enhance the access of PwDs to public and social services in the Northern Region.

The project, which forms part of CREDA’s Voice for Access project, seeks to bring together young people from various disability organisations under one federation to solicit interventions that will help address their access to public resources.

The project is funded by STAR Ghana Foundation’s Action for Voice, Influence and Inclusive Development project, which seeks to increase awareness on underserved and vulnerable people’s access to public services.

It will be implemented in eight districts namely Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, Sagnarigu, Kumbungu, Savelugu, Karaga, Gushegu, Saboba and Wulensi districts.

The federation will consist of, at least, six youthful members of GFD in each district.

Abukari Iddrisu, programmes manager at CREDA, said it will strengthen the mobilization drive for PwDs, address issues of shrinking spaces for them to voice their issues and increase their active participation in key decision-making in the region.

Iddrisu said it will further strengthen the collaboration between the PwDs and other youth networks to create an agenda setting space to enable them advocate for policies and programmes that will enhance their well-being.

He said the project will provide a policy briefing space where institutions responsible for the welfare of PwDs will be given the platform to brief them (PwDs) on government’s policies and interventions as well as how they can benefit from them.

Abubakari Sahadatu Nima, the Northern regional president of GFD lauded the project saying, “It will help strengthen GFD and ensure it achieves its goals and objectives of advocating for the welfare of PwDs in the Northern Region.”

Adam Ayishetu, the Northern regional vice president of Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism was optimistic that the project will help address issues of inclusive education, sign language interpreters and access to facilities.

Huzaifa Issahaku, the public relations officer of the Northern Regional Youth Network, said the project will help strengthen the collaboration between them.