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The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) is cautioning Ghanaians to brace themselves for more torrential rains with ravaging lightning storm in the coming months.

There were sparks of thunderstorms on Thursday and over the weekend in parts of the capital, Accra, causing some fear and panic amongst a section of Ghanaians.

“Yeah, there are more thunderstorm rains to come, we have not reached June yet. When we checked the lightning data, June is the peak of lightning. When we get to July or August we will not be getting lightning. Along the coast, and the middle belt, yes, we will still be getting lots of lightning and thundering activities. It’s not yet over at all,” the Director of Forecasting for GMA, Joseph Portuphy, told host of Citi Breakfast Show, Bernard Avle.

Giving some precautionary measures on the Citi Breakfast Show, Joseph Portuphy admonished Ghanaians not to stand either close or under trees, or sky-rise buildings when it’s raining as charge particles have the tendency to strike them dead.

Mr. Portuphy further advised land developers to install arresters to avoid losing properties in their buildings when thunder and lightning strike.

“It’s not advisable to stay under tall trees or trees when it’s raining because when thunder strikes, it passes through the trees and when you are under the trees wearing slippers, the charged particles will pass through and kill you instantly. It is also dangerous to walk under trees during rains”.

He added, “The building code requires that when putting up tall buildings, you need to install charge arresters to prevent lightning from striking through the buildings. When walking, and it’s threatening to rain, and there’s lightning and thunder, we should avoid tall buildings and tall trees. Avoid anything that can expose you, you shouldn’t be carrying metals when it’s raining. Because the metal is a very good conductor of those charged particles. When the thunder strikes, and it falls on it, it can kill you, we should avoid all those things, and we will be fine”.