AFTER all the bashing he has received for admitting in his memoir that he cheated on his wife, one would have thought award-winning actor, Adjetey Anang, would delete that bit given another opportunity but he says he will never do that.

“No, I won’t change a thing at all, I will leave it as it is”, he told Graphic Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday, July 18.

 “That is what it is supposed to be for someone in the limelight. There is an element of vulnerability and sincerity that is expected of you for them to relate”, he said.

Talking about the fact that his cheating was not physical, he elaborated on that some more, “I decided that I was going to leave it as it is in the book for people to draw their own conclusions. I made some choices along the line and that is about just a paragraph in the book. The book is not all about that so we will leave people to draw their own conclusions as it is”, he added.

Would he rather people discussed other issues in the book other than the cheating bit? “For a book of over 260   pages, you can’t just be discussing a paragraph, there is definitely more to it otherwise you would have defeated the purpose of writing the book in the first place”, he said.

Did Adjetey Anang’s wife, Elorm, know about the cheating bit before publishing the book? “Oh yeah, she did, after the many years that I went through those challenges, the structures that we built like the passwords etc, she has been in the know of everything so there is nothing I have hidden from her, she knows everything”, he stated.