Bimbilla Government Hospital

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has said there are laid down procedures for resolving concerns and grievances at the various health facilities across the country, including the Bimbilla Government Hospital in the Nanumba North District of the Northern Region other than the use of violence.

This comes on the back of a protest against hospital officials by some irate youth of Bimbilla, on Friday, 10 August 2023.

The youth chased away the medical superintendent, Adam Barhama, from his office.

They had gone to the facility to protest over a sit-down strike by the nurses.

The strike was in connection with the disconnection of water supply to the hospital by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) over a GHS250,000 debt.

As a result of the strike, patients were being referred to other facilities.

The irate youth of the area, however, besieged the premises of the facility to chase out the Medical Superintendent and other hospital staff.

The police had to come to the rescue of the Medical Superintendent and two others; the accountant, and the administrator.

They escorted them out of the facility.

Reacting to the incident in a statement issued on Monday, 14 August 2023, co-signed by its President Dr. Frank Serebour and Acting General Secretary Dr. Richard Selormey, the GMA condemned what it described as the “lawless acts of the youth of the town,” which have put the life of the Medical Superintendent and other staff of the hospital in danger.

The GMA noted: “These acts of impunity have the tendency of making it difficult for health workers to accept postings to some facilities and further derail efforts the Association has put in place to encourage doctors to accept postings to deprived areas.”

It called on the Municipal Chief Executive, the Regional Minister and the Member of Parliament for the area, traditional authorities, and all other relevant stakeholders to “immediately call the youth to order and provide adequate protection for life and property,” stressing that this will make way for due process to be instituted to ascertain the “true facts about the grievances and find lasting solutions to the issues.”

The GMA also indicated that it is closely monitoring the situation in the facility and will advise its members “appropriately in due course.”

It, however, cautioned that if the threats and acts that threaten lives and properties persist, it will have no other choice but to “ensure that no doctor returns to the facility either now or in the foreseeable future since their safety cannot be guaranteed.”