In a bold move towards promoting gender equality and empowerment, Stanbic Bank Ghana has set a remarkable precedent with the launch of the Stanbic Ladies’ Forum, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for women in the bank. The launch, which took place at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra was attended by staff of the bank and representatives from the Standard Bank Group.

Doreen Iliasu Head, Legal and Governance at Stanbic Bank Ghana, who also doubles as the Executive Sponsor of the Stanbic Ladies’ Forum (Blue Fusion) explained the purpose for establishing the Forum. She said “There is evidence that companies with women executives are 30 per cent more likely to outperform competition. Women leaders have been found statistically to have a higher engagement with their staff and to be more supportive and that is why initiatives such as these are important. The Stanbic Bank Ghana Ladies’ Forum is dedicated to fostering the growth, development and leadership of women in the bank; there is evidence that women who have a circle progress faster in the corporate world.”

The Stanbic Ladies Forum received endorsement from Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Kwamina Asomaning, who mentioned that the Forum is an expression of the bank’s commitment to the cause of gender equality. Mr. Asomaning shared that “ the Standard Bank Group embarked on a transformative journey 6years ago, pledging its unwavering commitment to the cause of gender equality. This commitment led to the birth of the Standard Bank Group’s flagship programme, the Ignite Leadership Programme, of which about 75 remarkable women leaders within Stanbic Bank Ghana benefitted.”

Doreen Iliasu (left) delivering her remarks at the launch event

He continued to state that “The Stanbic Ladies’ Forum is an extension of a commitment to fostering an environment where women can continue to excel and lead in every facet of our organization. I am excited to be part of a movement that will not only respond to the evolving dynamics of our workplace but also ensure that the right things are in place to help women achieve their full potential here at the bank. It is an opportunity for women leaders in the bank to act as beacons, guiding and supporting their fellow colleagues”.

The Stanbic Bank Ladies’ Forum received solidarity messages from women leaders in Ghana and across the Standard Bank Group. They include Elsie Addo Awadzi, the Second Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Funeka Montjane, Chief Executive Officer of Private and Personal Banking, Standard Bank Group and Nkiru Olumide-Ojo, Head, Brand and Marketing, Africa Regions, Standard Bank Group.

Funeka Montjane congratulated the leadership of Stanbic Bank Ghana for recognizing the importance of the Ladies’ Forum. She said the Forum “is ultra critical to us delivering our objectives as a business. There are a couple of roles that women ultimately do not break through; I am quite passionate about unpacking that and that is going to be a key focus for me in 2024’’

Some members of the Stanbic Ladies’ Forum, Board and Exceucutive Committee

She further implored all to be patient to maximise the benefits of teamwork and the unity terrain system of trees, take advantage of any opportunity to bring in/ appoint role models in order to give other women permission to know they can also go for it, and always be prepared. She also expressed excitement at the growth of Anakazi in Zambia, Dada in Kenya and the zeal to grow women focused proposition across the continent.

The launch of Blue Fusion in Ghana does not only signify the creation of a safe space for women to share experiences, insights, and aspirations but also marks a significant step towards enhancing corporate culture. It is expected to spark constructive transformation through the creation of a supportive network, offering women the chance to partake in dialogues, skill-enhancement workshops, mentorship connections, and career advancement prospects.