Bawku Central MP, Mahama Ayariga has described comments by the Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr Ernest Addison condemning calls for his resignation and his description of protestors as hooligans as “loose talk” and provocative.

Dr Addison has been quoted by a portal, to have said in an interview that he would not resign from his position following the Minority’s protest to demand his resignation on Tuesday.

The website quoted the BoG Governor as saying “the demonstration yesterday was completely unnecessary”, adding that neither him nor his deputies will leave their jobs.

He is further quoted to have called the demonstrators as hooligans who should have known how to better address their grievances.

“The Minority in parliament have many channels to channel their grievances”, Dr. Addison is further quoted by the website.

But according to Mr Ayariga, he is surprised at Dr Addison’s behaviour since the Minority was civil in their demand for his resignation.

He warned that there is even more to come to pile pressure on Dr. Ernest Addison and his deputies to resign.

“We have been very civil in our approach, to have the governor call us hooligans is clearly provocative and I have no doubt that going into the future, we might not be easily restrained when we come after the governor and his deputies.

“We did everything within the rules, we spoke to the police, met the police, the police took us to court, we complied and the demonstration was peaceful yet the central bank governor called us hooligans because we were being very nice – well, I have said it and I can assure him that since he has officially tagged us as hooligans, we will see how our future protests will look like,” he added.

Mr Ayariga pointed out that Dr Addison has no explanations for mismanaging that bank and destroying the finances of the country.

He also says he will refer the governor to the Special Prosecutor for allegedly inflating the contract for the construction of the controversial new central bank headquarters for his personal gain.